1z0-436勉強方法、Oracle BigMachines CPQ Cloud Service 2016 Implementation Essentials


NO.1 How is the size of an Array set defined?
A. by adding a Float attribute to the Array set
B. by adding a control attribute to the Array set
C. by adding a text attribute to the Array set
D. byadding an Integer attribute to the Array set
Answer: B

1z0-436信頼度 1z0-436テスト
When a recommendation rule increases the size of an array by setting the array size control attribute,
and the user modifies an array type attribute in a new row of the array whose value was set (using
set, not force set) by a recommendation rule upon the update when the size of the array was
increased, the attribute retains the user-enteredvalue upon update.

NO.2 Which access type is assigned to a user of a partner organization when it is created?
A. FullAccess
B. SalesAgentAccess
C. ChannelAgent
D. RestrictedAccess
Answer: D

1z0-436模擬対策 1z0-436資格

NO.3 In Configuration, when does the "Constraint rule on a hidden attribute" error occur?
A. when Constraint rules run first and when conditions for both the Constraint and Hiding rules are
B. when Constraint rules run first and the attribute values are hidden before a Hiding rule can be
C. when Hiding rules run first and they hide attributes when a condition is true
D. when Hiding rules run first and hide the values that are tobe constrained
Answer: B

NO.4 A new user group has been created in the development environment. Which approach would
you use to migrate this new user group to the production environment?
A. Migrate new user groups to the production environment.
B. Manually create the new user groups in the productionenvironment.
C. Migrate the new users to the production environment.
D. Migrate Commerce to the production environment.
Answer: B




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